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Lindsey Vonn Race Series Final - March 29th

EpicMix Racing Cup


The 2nd Annual Lindsey Vonn Race Series Event will be hosted at Beaver Creek Resort on Saturday, March 29th 2014.

Racers who qualify through March 16th will receive an email invitation to race at the event hosted by Lindsey Vonn! The course will be located on Haymeadow and a VIP viewing area will be set up slopeside at the base of the course.

VIP Access will be available for racers and family members only. Racers will have the chance to race twice (1 time per course) and the Awards Ceremony, hosted by Lindsey Vonn, will begin after lunch is provided at the VIP Access Area for racers and their families. The event will be capped at 200 racers.


How to Qualify?
Race ten or more times during the 2013/2014 season and you qualify! Your top ten races will be used to calculate a score based upon points earned in the Lindsey Vonn Race Series.
Pace Setting occurs daily and your bracket is determined based upon your discipline (ski, snowboard, telemark or adaptive), age and gender. Top qualifiers per bracket will be selected to race in the Lindsey Vonn Race Series event.

The score will be set to 200 points if a racer ties Lindsey’s time for the course and will go down from there as their seconds behind Lindsey increases. The most a racer could earn for the 10-race Lindsey Vonn Series is 2,000 points.

Lodging: Book lodging in advance online with one of our Vacation Deals (Click Here) or by booking with a specific property (Click Here)

Lift Tickets: Racers without a valid 2013/2014 season pass or lift ticket will be able to purchase a discount racer lift ticket on the event day for $65. Please request a discount racer lift ticket voucher at the Race Registration booth and present the voucher when purchasing your ticket at the Beaver Creek Ticket Office to receive the discounted rate.




7:45AM - 8:30AM      Check-In (No On-site registration)   McCoy's Patio
8:00AM - 1:00PM    VIP Access Area  McCoy's Patio & Haymeadow Viewing Area
8:30AM - 9:15AM     Course Inspection   Haymeadow Race Course
9:30AM    First Race Run  Haymeadow Race Course
10:30AM    Second Race Run  Haymeadow Race Course
11:00AM     Lunch at VIP Access Area  McCoy's Dining Area - Mt.Jackson Room 
1:00PM    Awards Ceremony, hosted by Lindsey Vonn!  McCoy's Awards Podium
1:30PM     Pre-Printed EpicMix Photos Available for Purchase   McCoy's Patio

Need lift tickets? If you are a competitor, a special $65 race ticket is available for the day's event. Please indicate whether you need one, and if so, vouchers will be available at Race Registration. You will need to take this voucher to purchase the discounted race ticket at the Beaver Creek Ticket Office. 

Race Format

  • Racers will compete in respective age group brackets
  • Racers will have an opportunity to race on the Blue and Green courses located on the Haymeadow Trail area
  • Racers will be ranked on the best time after racing the Green and Blue courses
  • Awards will be presented to the top three racers per each age bracket and discipline

*Schedule and Race Format subject to change prior to race event

Click Here to download and open a PDF of the FAQs listed below

Parking & Transportation:
Limited pay parking is available in Beaver Creek Village. Free parking is offered at the base of Beaver Creek Mountain with complimentary shuttles to the village. Arrive early to get your spot and get to the event quickly. For more parking and transportation information, CLICK HERE

EpicMix Photo:

Through out the day, EpicMix Photo will be on hand capturing race photos during both runs, along with a head-shot with racers wearing their participant medals. All photos will be connected to the racers' EpicMix account and also be available for sale after the Lindsey Vonn Race Series Awards Ceremony (aprox 2PM). Initial photos are $20 each, with additional prints costing $10.

Participant Gift Bags:
Upon race completion, all racers can pick-up their complimentary Lindsey Vonn Race Series gift bag at the registration tent.  Pickup begins at 11AM.

VIP Access:

Race participants will each receive 2 VIP passess for visiting family, friends, and other guests.  VIP passholders will be allowed to access the VIP tent along with complimentary food & beverage beginning at 8AM through the end of the event.

Discounted Lift Tickets for Racing Guests:
As a courtesy to racer guests (family and friends), limited discount tickets will be available for a full-day of skiing or snowboarding at a rate of $65.

What is Epic Mix Racing?
This season, EpicMix is re-imagining the race experience at our mountains. At 6 of our resorts, Vail, Beaver Creek, Breck, Keystone, Heavenly and Northstar, you’ll have the opportunity to race against yourself, your friends, and even four time overall World Cup Champion and Olympic Gold Medalist Lindsey Vonn.

How do i race against Lindsey Vonn's time?

Lindsey Vonn will set the pace for all of EpicMix Racing and we will have race pros from each of our resorts race against Lindsey to get their own “seconds behind Lindsey.” Then, each day at each of our resorts, one of our race pros will race each EpicMix Racing course and we adjust their time to get to Lindsey’s time for the course.

Who can race?
Everyone from beginner to expert is welcome on the EpicMix Race Courses at participating resorts.

How does the scoring work for EpicMix Racing?
Every time you race we record your actual time. We adjust the time based upon your gender, age and discipline (skier, snowboarder, telemark, adaptive). We then compare that time to the time Lindsey Vonn would have had on the course that day and each racer gets a “seconds behind Lindsey” score for each race. For each racer, we award gold, bronze and silver medals based upon your “seconds behind Lindsey.” All of our leader boards are based upon your “seconds behind Lindsey,” which serves as comparable comparison for all of our guests.

How can i qualify for the Lindsey Vonn Race Series?
To qualify for the Lindsey Vonn Race Series you must race at least ten times during the current season. For everyone who qualifies we will look at their 10 best races during the season. For each race we will calculate a score based upon their “seconds behind Lindsey.” The score will be set to 200 points if the racer ties Lindsey’s time for the course and will go down from there as their seconds behind Lindsey increases. The most a racer could earn for the 10-race Lindsey Vonn Race Series is 2,000 points.


BEAVER CREEK  -  3/29/14


Place Age Group Gender Name Hometown State Time Division
1 1-4 Male Owen Mikulecky Greenwood Village CO 59.64 Alpine
2 1-4 Male Aj Schwartz Lyons CO 61.96 Alpine
1 5-6 Male Tim Arrigoni Vail CO 45.42 Alpine
2 5-6 Male Brandon Lorenti Minturn CO 45.64 Alpine
3 5-6 Male Christian Caruso Parker CO 47.02 Alpine
4 5-6 Male Dominik Wilderer Colorado Springs CO 48.76 Alpine
5 5-6 Male Robert Lazar Greenwich CT 49.98 Alpine
1 7-8 Male Kooper Condon Castle Rock CO 62.53 Snowboard
1 7-8 Male Kai Ogawa Eagle  CO 39.74 Alpine
2 7-8 Male Henry Andrie Kenilworth IL 40.07 Alpine
3 7-8 Male Luke Arrigoni Vail CO 40.19 Alpine
4 7-8 Male Noah Smith Vail CO 42.84 Alpine
5 7-8 Male Samuel Higbie Eagle CO 43.21 Alpine
6 7-8 Male Tanner Weiss Boulder CO 44.28 Alpine
7 7-8 Male Colin Mikulecky Greenwood Village CO 47.03 Alpine
8 7-8 Male Jackson Cohn Edwards CO 48.19 Alpine
9 7-8 Male Mccabe Swanson Golden CO 48.55 Alpine
10 7-8 Male Tyler Rock Truckee CA 48.81 Alpine
11 7-8 Male Liam Ray Denver CO 48.95 Alpine
12 7-8 Male Matthew Chao Broomfield CO 49.29 Alpine
13 7-8 Male Caiden Johnston Tiburon CA 51.89 Alpine
1 9-10 Male Bryce Natter Brighton MI 36.01 Alpine
2 9-10 Male Ari Lasdon Lower Gwynedd PA 40.01 Alpine
3 9-10 Male Ashtin Gilio Longmont CO 40.85 Alpine
4 9-10 Male Stanley Andrie Kenilworth IL 41.82 Alpine
5 9-10 Male William Flaherty Dorado PR 42.29 Alpine
6 9-10 Male Carter Fayard New Orleans LA 42.93 Alpine
7 9-10 Male Parker Embaugh Colorado Springs CO 43.56 Alpine
8 9-10 Male Nicholas Born Frisco CO 43.88 Alpine
9 9-10 Male Aden Ray Denver CO 47.75 Alpine
10 9-10 Male Brian Rosen Dallas TX 51.63 Alpine
11 9-10 Male Adam Benson Longmont CO 51.66 Alpine
1 11-12 Male Jackson Feinberg Greenwich CT 38.46 Alpine
2 11-12 Male Max Lasdon Lower Gwynedd PA 38.49 Alpine
3 11-12 Male Harrison Feinberg Greenwich CT 38.50 Alpine
4 11-12 Male Mitchell Verhelle Naples FL 41.93 Alpine
5 11-12 Male Ethan French Gypsum CO 46.71 Alpine
6 11-12 Male Schuyler Cramer Thornton CO 47.02 Alpine
1 13-14 Male Charles Flaherty Dorado PR 40.18 Alpine
2 13-14 Male Ryan Daniels Eagle-vail CO 41.06 Alpine
3 13-14 Male Max Davidson Denver CO 42.26 Alpine
1 15-16 Male Ryan Hanson Gypsum CO 38.63 Alpine
1 17-20 Male Neven Weissman Aurora CO 38.78 Alpine
1 30-34 Male Chris Nattress Avon CO 34.48 Alpine
2 30-34 Male Dan Simmons Hong Kong China 39.68 Alpine
1 35-39 Male Nathan Bergmann Denver CO 39.41 Snowboard
2 35-39 Male Jeff Hamilton Castle Rock CO 46.20 Snowboard
1 40-44 Male Michael Chao Broomfield CO 36.15 Alpine
2 40-44 Male Richard Davidson Denver CO 38.41 Alpine
3 40-44 Male Art Papineau Strongsville OH 40.51 Alpine
4 40-44 Male Thomas Weissman Aurora CO 40.56 Alpine
5 40-44 Male Michael Massari Las Vegas NV 47.30 Alpine
1 45-49 Male Peter Chlipala Breckenridge CO 34.53 Alpine
2 45-49 Male David Loeffelmachet Roseville MN 35.00 Alpine
3 45-49 Male Rodney Kibbey Greenwood 35.77 Alpine
4 45-49 Male Daniel Pierce     36.54 Alpine
1 50-54 Male Mark Houston Eagle-Vail CO 42.65 Telemark
2 50-54 Male Christopher Hoyt Breckenridge CO 45.75 Telemark
1 50-54 Male Natron Smith Vail CO 33.53 Alpine
2 50-54 Male Robert Meister Castle Pines CO 34.62 Alpine
3 50-54 Male Mark Miller Winchester KY 34.88 Alpine
4 50-54 Male Lou Horwitz Austin TX 36.04 Alpine
5 50-54 Male Brian Ogawa Eagle CO 36.44 Alpine
6 50-54 Male Bruce Larson Woodbury MN 37.14 Alpine
7 50-54 Male Stephen Hunt Felton CA 42.87 Alpine
1 55-59 Male Vince Kumagai Denver CO 36.35 Alpine
2 55-59 Male Crawford Hamilton Denver CO 38.23 Alpine
3 55-59 Male Jeff Flavell Dillon CO 39.15 Alpine
4 55-59 Male Chris Gavin Broken Arrow OK 39.68 Alpine
5 55-59 Male Clyde Zirbel 39.89 Alpine
6 55-59 Male Rob Estka Indianapolis IN 45.33 Alpine
1 60-64 Male Paul Metz Mead CO 36.03 Alpine
2 60-64 Male Byron Hathorn Vail CO 37.07 Alpine
3 60-64 Male Mark Lavigne FL 38.03 Alpine
4 60-64 Male Robert Silverstone Edwards CO 38.72 Alpine
5 60-64 Male George Sim North Vancouver BC 42.85 Alpine
6 60-64 Male Robert Hay Seattle WA 45.44 Alpine
7 60-64 Male Charles Wojciechowski Eagle CO 47.43 Alpine
1 65-69 Male Sandy Briggs Frisco CO 36.75 Alpine
2 65-69 Male Paul Clothier Stevensville MD 40.29 Alpine
3 65-69 Male Kenneth Magazzu Old Bridge N 40.39 Alpine
4 65-69 Male Ralph Wills Paradise Valley AZ 43.28 Alpine
5 65-69 Male Alan Wheatley Kremmling CO 43.41 Alpine
6 65-69 Male William Gessner Coventry RI 43.72 Alpine
7 65-69 Male Ron Knox Parker CO 47.74 Alpine
8 65-69 Male Richard Hahn Centennial CO 49.85 Alpine
1 70-74 Male Tom Zehner Steamboat Springs CO 35.95 Alpine
2 70-74 Male Gene Teaney Charleston WV 38.19 Alpine
3 70-74 Male Jaan Vehik Phoenix AZ 38.68 Alpine
4 70-74 Male George Feneis Oradell NJ 44.78 Alpine
1 75-79 Male James Dunn Silverthorne CO 53.20 Snowboard
1 75-79 Male David Hubinger Crowne Point IN 41.18 Alpine

BEAVER CREEK  -  3/29/14


Place Age Group Gender Name Hometown State Time Division
1 1-4 Female Eden Demino EagleVail CO 51.95 Alpine
1 5-6 Female Camille Natter Brighton MI 41.36 Alpine
2 5-6 Female Keena Shikverg Edwards CO 43.02 Alpine
3 5-6 Female Lily Papineau Strongsville OH 43.38 Alpine
4 5-6 Female Viktoria Zaytsev Edwards CO 45.70 Alpine
5 5-6 Female Piper Reivich Boulder CO 46.17 Alpine
6 5-6 Female Ruthie Demino EagleVail CO 46.87 Alpine
7 5-6 Female Alexandra Adkins Breckenridge CO 48.20 Alpine
8 5-6 Female Delia Lyle Boulder CO 49.31 Alpine
9 5-6 Female Grace Cohn Edwards CO 52.81 Alpine
10 5-6 Female Addilynn Rivera Breckenridge CO 52.98 Alpine
11 5-6 Female Ashley Adkins Breckenridge CO 56.94 Alpine
1 7-8 Female Sophia Chlipala Breckenridge CO 41.81 Alpine
2 7-8 Female Caroline Johnson Rye NH 44.06 Alpine
3 7-8 Female Mia Ginsburg Tiburon CO 44.21 Alpine
4 7-8 Female Kaila Pisinski Centennial CO 44.55 Alpine
5 7-8 Female Penelope Lazar Greenwich CT 44.87 Alpine
6 7-8 Female Carson Lyle Boulder CO 45.74 Alpine
7 7-8 Female Charley Madlock Arvada CO 46.03 Alpine
8 7-8 Female Adeleine Walick Colorado Springs CO 46.41 Alpine
9 7-8 Female Ambur Vincze Breckenridge CO 46.63 Alpine
10 7-8 Female Paige Rock truckee CA 46.95 Alpine
11 7-8 Female Sophia Estka Indianapolis IN 47.13 Alpine
12 7-8 Female Allison Connary Avon  CO 47.90 Alpine
13 7-8 Female Hayley Hodes Fort Lauderdale FL 48.64 Alpine
14 7-8 Female Jolene Edelmann Eagle CO 48.88 Alpine
15 7-8 Female Michaela Thimot Los Gatos CA 49.65 Alpine
16 7-8 Female Caroline Lazar Greenwich CT 50.05 Alpine
17 7-8 Female Laci Rosen Dallas TX 50.48 Alpine
18 7-8 Female Carla Lorenti Minturn CO 51.64 Alpine
19 7-8 Female Jimena Salinas Mexico DF   52.27 Alpine
20 7-8 Female Aspen Hamilton Castle Rock CO 55.96 Alpine
21 7-8 Female Sofie Omeara Vail CO 57.58 Alpine
1 9-10 Female Alexis Gilio Longmont CO 37.32 Alpine
2 9-10 Female Nadia Bachmann   CO 37.41 Alpine
3 9-10 Female Stephanie Hulme Philadelphia PA 37.96 Alpine
4 9-10 Female Maya Chao Broomfield CO 39.20 Alpine
5 9-10 Female Annika Shikverg Edwards CO 43.25 Alpine
6 9-10 Female Colette Massari Las Vegas NV 43.54 Alpine
7 9-10 Female Cielle Burnett Niwot CO 44.83 Alpine
8 9-10 Female Ellyanne O'Meara Vail CO 62.03 Alpine
1 11-12 Female Brooklyn Vargas Gypsum CO 37.71 Alpine
2 11-12 Female Alexa Anderson Edwards CO 37.96 Alpine
3 11-12 Female Caroline Chlipala Breckenridge CO 41.36 Alpine
4 11-12 Female Paula (Pk) Vincze Breckenridge CO 43.40 Alpine
5 11-12 Female Katie Keating Westminster CO 43.70 Alpine
6 11-12 Female Audrey Wheatley     52.63 Alpine
1 13-14 Female Hannah Jones Great Falls VA 38.55 Alpine
2 13-14 Female Hannah Davidson Denver CO 40.42 Alpine
3 13-14 Female Paige Embaugh Colorado Springs CO 41.99 Alpine
4 13-14 Female Delaney Shiu Dallas TX 42.64 Alpine
1 17-20 Female Megan Grant Santa Barbara CA 36.92 Alpine
2 17-20 Female Elyssa Goldstein Fishers IN 37.14 Alpine
1 30-34 Female Michaela Farkasovska Lakewood CO 36.26 Alpine
1 35-39 Female Michelle Chao Broomfield CO 41.87 Alpine
2 35-39 Female Michelle Papineau Strongsville OH 47.32 Alpine
1 40-44 Female Stephanie Kibbey Bloomington IN 34.77 Alpine
1 45-49 Female Kelly Mullins Breckenridge CO 37.18 Alpine
2 45-49 Female Julie Ann Connary Avon CO 38.25 Alpine
3 45-49 Female Laura Pisinski Centennial CO 45.91 Alpine
1 50-54 Female Patricia Foxwell Vail CO 52.59 Adaptive- Alpine
1 50-54 Female Dianna (Lady Di) Miller Winchester KY 37.88 Alpine
1 55-59 Female Laura Todaro Kenner LA 40.60 Alpine
1 65-69 Female Patti Zehner Muskegon MI 39.47 Alpine
2 65-69 Female Audrey Schultz Granby CO 44.50 Alpine
3 65-69 Female Carol Clothier Stevensville MD 46.58 Alpine
4 65-69 Female Michelle Magazzu Old Bridge NJ 46.64 Alpine
1 70-74 Female Honor Ulveling Granby CO 48.60 Alpine
2 70-74 Female Toni Mullins Red Bank NJ 52.76 Alpine
2 75-79 Female Joni Thieme-Weinberg Dillon CO 48.54 Alpine


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