Fueled by compelling vocals and red-hot improvisatory sections, Jubilingo will light your fire with an impassioned blend of insightful originals and distinct covers.
Daily: Aug 06 - Aug 06
7:00 p.m.
Free live steamed event. Limited seating: $20
The Denver based quartet melds soul, funk, gospel and jazz with roots rock and improvisation. Georgia native, Jessica Holloway, brings a fire to any stage she sets foot on. Jess’ soulful and powerful vocals and sizzling organ and keyboard playing light up the night. Keith Hicks adds robust vocals and high-spirited, burning guitar leads, as he pays homage to past masters and forges new ground through an eclectic amalgamation of styles. Jake Herman (percussion) and Matthew Rossman (bass) provide a tight and driving rhythm section, dynamically attuned to varying shifts in the band’s music, distinctly laying down a variety of choice grooves. Featuring tunes from uptempo funk to insightful ballads, Jubilingo is gaining notice through their spirited and stirring live shows, and is currently in the studio working on their debut album.