Thursday: Mar 21 - Mar 21
6:30 PM
Vilary Performing Arts Center
$35 Adult/ $25 Child
SMIRK is a roller coaster ride into the lives of two performers whose comedy derives from the collision of two very different minds trying to perform in the same show. One is a former scientist, and the other a slapstick madman. Juggling, whip cracking, unicycles and a large rocket launcher all make an appearance in this Odd Couple meets the circus spectacular. Smirk presents new vaudeville through the lens of comedy and a dynamic Abbott and Costello style relationship. Reid Belstock and innovative juggling ace Warren Hammond are performers that could not be more different, and their story is a buddy comedy based on two of the oldest archetypes in comedy, the straight man and the goof ball. Many people juggle, but Smirk is unique. What makes this show special is the dynamic relationship that emerges through these characters. Their friendship (and the show itself) is tested as they become increasingly at odds with each other. They finally come back together for a finale that draws from the best these two people can bring together, and delivers their biggest, craziest and most amazing stunt yet!