A Day in the Life of a Beaver Creek Ski Instructor

Beaver Creek SRS Employee Portraits

Posted March 12, 2024

By Veronica Kuffel 

Beaver Creek is known for many things: warm afternoon cookies, terrain for every level, world-renowned events and entertainment––the list goes on and on. But one of our resort’s most precious jewels is the Ski and Snowboard School, thanks to our talented pool of instructors and staff. They dedicate their days to teaching generations of guests how to enjoy their favorite snowsports.

Today, we’ll take a look at two outstanding instructors and how they navigate each day of ski lessons.


Jo Dee Yeoh is a fourth-year ski instructor from Melbourne, Australia, but she’s been skiing ever since she was little. 

Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, Jo Dee Yeoh has been a ski instructor for almost a decade, teaching people in both the northern and southern hemispheres. Jo Dee started skiing when she was four and knew early on it would be a passion for life.

“I fell in love instantly, and would cry when the lifts closed…” Jo Dee said. “I’m incredibly thankful for my parents who took my sister and me up to ski at Mt. Buller in Australia every year." 

Jo Dee wanted to ski more than one week a year, so she decided to become a ski instructor and spend her winter weeks on the mountain. She joined Beaver Creek and has been here for two seasons. According to her, she stays for the training staff, culture and, in her own words, “the promise of cookies every day low key ‘sold me.”

To her, skiing is an art she practices every day. Here is a glimpse into Jo Dee’s day in the life as a Children’s Ski Instructor:

Q. How do you start your mornings before lessons?

Jo Dee: Every morning I wake up and stretch my body. I usually have cereal for breakfast, get ready for work and try to be out the door by 7:30 am. I'm lucky to be able to walk to the bus stop and get on a bus that takes me straight to the Beaver Creek Village. From there, I have a short walk to my ski school locker room where I put on my boots and double-check my schedule and the weather. I also restock my uniform jacket with hand warmers, class lists, class/private lesson perk cards and whatever else I need for my lesson that day. 

Q. What do you expect from a normal day of lessons? What’s your favorite part of the workday?

Jo Dee: I love skiing and teaching. Every day on snow is a great day and I'm thankful to be able to do what I love for work. My schedule has a huge variety of lessons. I teach adults, children and train other instructors. My favorite part of the work day varies from skiing great snow and seeing people improve to getting to know new people, whether it’s guests, children or instructors I’m training that day. 

Q. What do you usually do after a day of work?

Jo Dee: I get the bus home, have a snack, stretch, check my emails and then cook dinner.

Q. What advice would you give someone who wants to take a lesson?

Jo Dee: Skiing is not only a sport but also an art. You can never stop improving and there is always something you can get better at. A lesson is always worth it. .

Beaver Creek SRS Employee Portraits


For over 15 years, Kent McInnis has helped hundreds of guests learn to ski on Beaver Creek’s slopes. He found his love for the sport in Arroyo Seco, NM, where Kent’s mother enrolled him in his first ski lessons. 

Mom thought I would enjoy it, and she put me in ski school when I was about 8 years old. She was right,” Kent said. “It was also my mom who thought it would be cool if I tried out to be an instructor. She was right again.”

Thanks to ski instruction, Kent was able to teach lessons and travel as far away as New Zealand and Europe. He transferred to the Beaver Creek Ski & Snowboard School in 2008, where he connected with the community and the diverse group of instructors from across the globe. 

He continues to teach at our resort, following a very regular schedule in his day-to-day as an Adult Ski Instructor.

Q. Let’s talk about your “day in the life.” How do you start your mornings (before lessons)?

Kent: I start each day with a cup of coffee and a pastry, read the paper and have conversations about ski racing (I’m a big fan of the World Cup). There is a tight-knit group of friends of mine who are all fans of ski racing I meet with before skiing each day.

Q. What do you expect from a normal day of lessons? What’s your favorite part of the work day?

Kent: My lessons go well. I have returning clients as well as new ones daily. I don’t care what the level is as long as the people are nice, and they are nice! My favorite part of the workday is when the day is done for my guests and they are elated with what they did.

Q. What do you usually do after a day of work?

Kent: I take a break and then I set up to tune skis in the garage and tune for friends and some clients.

Q. What advice would you give someone who wants to take a lesson?

Kent: Tell the teacher what you want and what you absolutely do not want. The public also needs to know how great our teaching terrain is here.

Jo Dee and Kent are two of the hundreds who devote their weeks to teaching the sports they love at Beaver Creek. Whether you’re a beginner or mogul seeker, our instructors are here to help you up your game and get the most out of your time on the slopes. Learn more and book your lesson at our Ski and Snowboard School website