Favorite run or area of the mountain to ski and why?

I’m not sure I can pick just one run or area as the mountain is so diverse and I love and enjoy all of its variety. The areas with more trees are spectacular and magical after a snowfall and the bowl areas are open to all of the breathtaking views. I simply love to ski and embrace the environment no matter where it’s situated on the mountain.

Which Signature Park at Beaver Creek do you like to take lesson participants to?

I truly believe Beaver Creek has the best teaching terrain in the world. The natural progression of terrain from Haymeadow Park to Red Buffalo Park and to the newly developed McCoy Park is second to none. It offers our guests the best possible opportunities to enjoy skiing and progress as they wish in as close to an ideal setting as there is available.

One piece of advice for beginners in their first lesson?

Relax and stay in the moment. Enjoy the process.

Why should intermediate and advanced guests take lessons?

The sport of skiing is a sensation driven sport. Lessons/coaching at any level can heighten those sensations, assist in reducing fatigue, and perhaps tackle different terrain. Making a little adjustment can make a huge difference to anyone's day.

Favorite part of teaching or being an instructor/guide?

My favorite part of being an instructor/coach is introducing people of all ages to the wonderful world of skiing which offers a healthy dose of addictive sensations while connecting with the great outdoors.

Must do food experience or restaurant to visit at the resort? 

A must do food experience is an evening sleigh ride/dinner at Beano’s and a restaurant to visit is Hooked.

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