Our Child Care Centers offer a fun environment where your child can play during your stay. We entertain the youngest members (24 months to 6 years of age) of your family with fun-filled activities both inside and outside! We are open Monday - Friday until August 30th.

From toddlers to big kids our two age groups are designed to meet the needs of each child. Each classroom is packed with toys and activities to entertain your child. We provide the care the attention and food. You provide diapers, specialty foods, and any comfort item your child may need. Operated by Vail Resorts, the Small World Play School meets or exceeds the standards set by the Colorado Department of Human Services for ski area child care facilities.

Toddler room: 24 - 36 Months  1:5 ratio (max)
Our fun colorful playroom packed with toys will keep your toddler stimulated and having fun throughout the day.  You can relax while your toddler plays, eats, naps, and meets new friends.   Please send, diapers, comfort items, and any specialty food.

Preschool room: 36 months - 5 years 1:7 Ratio (max)
Our Toy filled preschool room has been described by previous visitors as having a ridiculous amount of toys and fun.  Your kids will enjoy arts and crafts, circle time, outside play and gondola ride, lunch, snacks, rest, nap(or movie time on our giant movie screen), and of course free play time with all of those toys.  Please send winter clothing, diapers, change of clothes, comfort items, and any special foods.

  • All children must be dropped off by 11 a.m.
  • We are a NUT FREE facility
  • Activities are determined by day of the week and weather
  • (970) 754-5325 All Cancellations must be made by calling us directly.




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Our Child Care Centers offer a fun environment where your child can play during your stay. We are open Monday - Friday until August 30th. Children are grouped according to age, as well as development. Our experienced staff will provide fun activities, projects and play options daily. Children are encouraged to participate but never forced.

Food & Naps
Our classrooms are peanut-free and all of our programs include lunches, snacks, and juice or milk. Sippy cups are also provided by the center. If your child has any food allergies or dietary restrictions, please bring a nut-free lunch and snack for your child. For naptime, we provide blankets for the children as well as cots, cribs, or mats depending on the classroom.

Ratios and Age Groups:

Toddler Room (24-34 months)
For your toddler, we offer enriching activities that build motor skills and encourage creativity. A 5-to-1 child-to-staff ratio ensures personal attention for your budding artist or athlete. Naptime, outside time, a hot lunch, and two snacks are provided.

Preschool Room (35 months-5 years)
Socially and developmentally, preschoolers thrive in music, art, and outdoor play programs geared toward their emerging interests. The child-to-staff ratio is 8-to-1. Quiet time with a video, outside time, a hot lunch, and two snacks are provided.

The Small World Nursery at Beaver Creek  accommodates children ages 24 months to 5 years old.  We are open Monday – Friday until August 30th. Our qualified staff members provide a program of appropriate and fun-filled activities and projects throughout the day. Please send your child with a minimum of 1 extra change of clothes.

Please note that outside playtime may vary depending on weather conditions and nap schedules. 

Program Rates & Hours:

Length: Child Care Times: Regular & Holiday Rates:
Full Day 8:30AM - 4:00PM $173
Half Day 8:30AM - 12:30PM $139*

* This price is subject to availability.

Full Day

  • Hot lunch and two snacks provided for toddler and preschool
  • Water, milk and apple juice provided
  • Nap/Rest time, depending on age group
  • Outside time weather permitting (ages 30 months - 5 years)


  • Lunch and morning snack included
  • No nap

Contact Information: (970) 754-5325

All children have assigned cubbies and hooks; staff will label belongings as they are being used throughout the day. Guests are highly encouraged to label all belongings brought to childcare in advance to expedite drop off and pick up processes.

What to bring:

  • Change of clothes
  • Diapers/Pull Ups
  • Wipes if specific kind needed
  • Appropriate outdoor gear depending on the season (jackets, hats, gloves, snow pants, boots, etc)
  • Indoor shoes (optional)
  • Food if own preferred; all food must be completely NUT FREE, as we are a NUT FREE facility. Food containing or from a factory where nuts are used will be thrown away immediately, guests will not be reimbursed.
  • Comfort Items such as blankets, pacifiers, stuffed animals, etc. Parents should be aware that we are not responsible for broken or misplaced toys/items brought to playschool
  • Sippy cups (optional); we do provide sippy cups and cups with lids


A full 24-hour cancellation or change notice is required prior to the first day of the reservation. Cancellations made within 24 hours will incur a $50 cancellation/processing fee. All cancellations made after 8:30AM same day of reservation, in addition to any NO CALL/NO SHOWS will be charged one full day and remainder of the reservation may be cancelled. Your reservation holds your child’s space until 10:00AM.

Vail Resorts Childcare Illness Policy

The health and safety of our guests is first priority and we take this very seriously. Strong health and safety practices are the heart of our child programs. A key to preventing illness in a childcare setting is to form trusting relationships between parents and teachers around sharing important health information about your child’s condition when they are admitted.

If your child has fever, sore throat, diarrhea, or is nauseous or vomiting, they will not be accepted into care. If your child has recently been ill, they must be symptom-free, without the benefit of medications, for 24 hours at US properties and 48 hours at Whistler Blackcomb

Each child will be observed for common signs of illness at arrival and throughout the day. A child who is ill upon arrival to the facility will not be admitted. Parents or guardians will be notified to pick up their child immediately, if the child becomes ill during their stay.

A physician’s note stating a child is no longer contagious will be required when a child has healing lesions or other symptoms suggestive of communicable disease.