Read on for helpful tips for ensuring a safe, memorable and fun trip

Dress Appropriately

While our high altitude offers breathtaking views of the Gore Range, it often comes with rapidly changing weather, especially in the afternoons. So be sure to pack layers including a thermal base layer and rainproof/windproof outer layer, in case a shower rolls in during an afternoon hike. Also, remember, the temperature can drop as much as 10 degrees from the village to mid-mountain, so pack smart and be prepared.

Stay Hydrated

It’s important to drink plenty of water during the days leading up to you trip and throughout your stay, as the higher altitude causes moisture to evaporate more quickly from the body and can leave you feeling dehydrated. Be sure to bring a water bottle with you on hikes and biking excursions and be sure not to drink from streams, as pristine as they may seem.

The Elements

Remember that Beaver Creek sits at nearly 8,000 feet above sea level so the sun is much stronger than it is back home. Be sure to wear appropriate SPF sunscreen and cover your face with hats to avoid unnecessary exposure. Also, be sure to check the weather forecast as afternoon thunderstorms are a frequent summer event. If possible, start your outdoor adventures early so you’re off the mountain shortly after noon.

Weather and Terrain

YOU ASSUME THE RISK of unpredictable weather, as well as rugged, uneven, irregular and slippery conditions.

Be sure to follow the tips above, plan your excursions, listen to your body along the way and be sure to take proper precautions if you see or hear a storm developing (seek shelter; stay below treeline and off of ridge lines; and stay clear of lift towers, chairlift houses, power lines, lone trees, sign posts and open spaces).

In case of an emergency on-mountain: 

  • Between the hours of 7 a.m. and 5 p.m., dial 6911 from any red on-mountain phone or call (970) 754-6911.
  • For issues in the village or after hours, contact public safety at (970) 754-5848 or by dialing 5948 from the red on-mountain phones.
  • Wildlife

    If you’re lucky, you’ll see some of the native animals out on the trails. Most common are little critters like marmots, chipmunks and the occasional red tail hawk or bald eagle. But you might come across an elk, moose or bear along the way. If you do, keep your distance (a minimum of 75 feet), don’t make any sudden movements, stay calm and slowly back away. Also, please don’t feed wild animals, although taking their picture (from a safe distance) is fine.

    Multi-Use Trails

    Be aware that trails and roads on Beaver Creek Mountain are used for many purposes during the summer. Mountain bikes, hikers, motorized vehicles, construction equipment and others may be encountered at any time.

    Lift Safety

    Under Colorado law, you cannot board a lift unless you have sufficient physical dexterity, ability and knowledge to negotiate or to use such lift safely or until you have asked for and received information sufficient to enable you to use the lift safely. You may not use a lift when under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Please lower the bar when riding lifts.


    Dogs are permitted on open, summer trails at Beaver Creek and must be leashed at all times. During summer festivals, leashed dogs are permitted in designated dog-friendly areas including Creekside Park, on-mountain hiking trails and Beaver Creek access road pathway.

    Helmets and sturdy shoes with good tread are recommended at all times. Child carriers or tow-behind bikes are not permitted and all bikes must have two working brakes. All loose clothing, bags or packs should be firmly secured so they do not interfere with the bicycle’s moving parts. 

    Mountain bikers must always yield to other non-motorized trail users. Should you encounter hikers or horses on any trail, you must yield the right-of-way. Ride on designated trails only and obey all posted signs and warnings. Failure to do so may result in lift ticket and/or pass revocation. 

    1. I will yield the right-of-way to other non-motorized trail users. 

    2. I will use caution when overtaking another and will make my presence known well in advance. 

    3. I will maintain control of my speed at all times. 

    4. I will stay on designated bike trails. 

    5. I will not disturb wildlife or livestock. 

    6. I will not litter. 

    7. I will respect public and private property. 

    8. I will always be self-sufficient. 

    9. I will not travel solo in remote areas. 

    10. I will observe the practice of minimum impact bicycling. 

    11. I will always wear a helmet whenever I ride.

    Fire Danger

    Smoking is prohibited on lifts and is only allowed in designated smoking areas. Report fires immediately via cell or on-mountain emergency phones.

    Aerial Drones

    Recreational drone use by any guest or member of the public, for any reason, is not permitted on or over any Vail Resorts property.

    Marijuana Consumption

    It is illegal to consume marijuana in public.



    A Re-Imagined Winter Experience

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