Everything You Wanted to Know About Ski Lessons

Wondering how many ski lessons a beginner needs? The short answer is as many as possible, but you can only improve if you continue to learn more about skiing.

Posted January 20, 2023

Family Ski School Lesson at Beaver Creek
Your first-time skiing is a special event. You'll get that first taste of strapping on your skis and heading out into the cool, crisp air to enjoy the snow. It's an addicting sport, so be prepared to love it. 

While skiing is fun, it does take some time to get to the point where you can effortlessly glide down a difficult trail. Before you reach that point, you'll need to start small on the beginner slopes. It's also a good idea to take some ski lessons

Are Ski Lessons Worth It? 

Some people assume they can just pick up what they need to know. Others ask a friend to teach them. Learning this way is possible, but it takes a lot longer. 

Professional ski instructors have studied the best methods to teach new skiers. They have the techniques and the methods that are necessary when you first start out. In addition, the ski instructor can work through a checklist to ensure you don't miss anything. 

When learning on your own, it can be challenging to understand some of the more complex techniques. It's helpful to have someone to explain this to you. Sure, you could go it on your own, but why not take a few hours to learn the correct techniques so you can really have some fun? 

How Long Does It Take to Get Good at Skiing? 

Daily practice makes it possible to get good at skiing fairly rapidly. There are quite a few factors to consider, though. 

Snow Conditions: Do you have powder snow or icy runs? These conditions may drastically change from one day to the next. Keeping your balance on hard icy snow is challenging, so it's best to aim for a late-season run when the snow is softer. 

Weather: The weather constantly changes in the day and can affect your skiing. For example, harsh sunlight is annoying, but it shows off the bumps on the hill, and you may avoid them. If it's a cloudy day or if it's snowing, there are few shadows to show where those bumps are. If you hit them frequently and take a tumble, it doesn't mean you're bad at skiing; you just need more practice. 

Physical condition: How fit you are will also impact skiing. Your other sports may have honed your muscles. Gymnastics, ice skating, and rollerblading all build balance and agility, which are vital in skiing. When all is said and done, most people can master skiing with ten weeks of hard, daily practice. Of course, you'll be ready for the beginner trails long before that. 

How Many Ski Lessons Does a Beginner Need? 

Skiing isn't something you can instantly be good at, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't bother. You can learn rapidly with a professional who knows how to teach. While there is no upper limit to the number of ski lessons, a minimum of three lessons two hours long is recommended. With the Beaver Creek Green Run Guarantee, you'll be ready to head down a qualified green run within three lessons. If not, then your fourth lesson is free. 

If you're learning with a group, plan for an entire week of lessons in the group before you take off on your own. With a private instructor, three consecutive days is often enough to give you the basics. You'll feel safer on your skis and should be ready to tackle any of the green runs on your own. 

Of course, if you want to become an expert, you may want more lessons. The more instruction you receive, the better off you'll be. 

What to Expect From Your First Ski Lessons 

The first ski lesson is putting on your boots and staying upright. The early method of doing this is the snowplow position, where the skis nearly touch each other in the front and are spread apart at the back. You'll learn to move around on flat terrain to start out with, then work toward controlling your speed. 

Once you've learned to get your skis on and off and control your speed, your instructor will help you learn to turn. Eventually, you'll be ready to try some of the easiest runs. Look for the gentlest options or ask your instructor which one you should tackle first. Your first lesson may seem pretty basic, but you'll rapidly build on the techniques you've learned there. 

Tips to Make Ski Lessons Easier 

If you get nervous in a group, you can choose to have private lessons. Many people don't know that you can hire a private group instructor. This way, your entire family can join in the ski lesson and have an instructor just for them. 

At Beaver Creek Resort, lessons fill up fast, so it's best to book your instructor as soon as you know when you'll be at the resort. This ensures you get the lessons you need. Some lessons only last a few hours, so take your time practicing after. Full-day lessons are around five hours and ensure you'll get better rapidly. 

Ski lessons are the best way to learn to ski fast. Whether you're just trying to get enough experience to tackle an easy trail or are already a skier but want to be better, lessons are the way to go.